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  • ▲Product content, the product includes 2 folding fans, a peony pattern silk folding fan, a Chinese art paper blank folding fan, and each folding fan comes with a bag.

  • ▲Size, hand fan foldable 13*1.3*0.5 inches, opened 23.6*13 inches, each handle weighs 0.22 pounds, the folded volume is very small, very convenient to carry, when you are traveling, partying, you can put it in the bag, you can also hold it in your hand, it looks very cool.

  • ▲Handmade quality, the surface of the fan is made of silk cloth, we upgraded the process to make it have beautiful color patterns on both sides, and the fan bone is made of elastic bamboo, which is durable enough that you can use it all the time.

  • ▲Multiple use, hand fans for women foldable can cool you anytime, anywhere, used these to fan dry your skin care products on face, and can also decorate the room, it is your important accessory in car, camping, performance, holiday party.

  • ▲Simple and convenient,quality and fanning myself when it gets too hot, or to provide some shade. All of my friends want to use it when I have it! With a little practice, you can get the fan to 'snap' when you open it.

  • ·Why do we do it? The market is full of low-quality folding fans, they sell very expensive,
    and they tell you that their products are good, but they don't bring good products to you,
    low-quality products will damage the entire industry and fail to promote the folding fan culture.
    In the whole industry, I can't say that our fan is the best, but compared to other businesses,
    our folding fan is very good.
    ·Double-sided printing, different from other single-sided printing, looks very thin,
    double-sided printing, made of 2 layers of silk cloth, very strong, there is no risk of the fan surface falling off.
    ·The very tough bamboo fan bones will not be easily broken. Before delivery,
    we have manual inspection of each link, refined packaging and safe transportation
    to ensure that you will not receive defective products.
    ·The furry fan bag, when you go out, put the fan in the fan bag, it can protect the fan from being dirty,
    wet, bumped, scratched.
    ·In the hot season, having a folding fan in hand can reduce your sweating
    and can also be used to block the sun.
    ·Makeup, after applying lotion, gently fan with a fan, it can dry faster and improve your makeup efficiency.
    ·Fan dance is a very old art, it is still very popular today, it can Help you in dance performances,
    festival parties, it is small and it can adapt to various scenes.
    The silk cloth is strong and durable and will not be easily damaged.
    The printed pattern on the fan is bright in color and can well retain the true color of the pattern.
    ·Chinese art paper is an ancient handmade paper, which was used for painting in China a thousand years ago.
    It has the characteristics of easy preservation, long-term non-corruption and no fading. On September 30,
    2009, the traditional production technology of Chinese art paper was awarded the UNESCO affirmed,
    included in the list of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

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