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Caryatids of the Erectheion of the Acropolis, Athens Greece. Original Ink Drawing by Roben B. Taglienti. The Erechtheion (421-407 B.C.) is the most complex building on the Acropolis. It houses shrines to several different deities and is named for the mythic King Erechtheus who judged the contest between Athena and Poseidon for who would be the patron deity of Athens. The caryatids serve as columns to support the roof of the south porch. They are beautiful sculpted female figures that, despite carrying the weight of the roof upon their heads remain both noble and calm. Fine Art Print: High quality digital print on premium 32lb. matte paper. Limited edition of 25 signed and numbered prints. Stamped Seal of Authenticity. Ready for framing with 11” x 14” acid free matte.

Caryatids of the Erectheion of the Acropolis Athens Greece Art Print by tag+art. Cityscape drawing. Art Wall Decor. Office Decor. - BQLETDZRY