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  • Includes 6 Boxes of 6 different sizes nesting inside each other featuring your selected theme!

  • Features 4 different beautiful themes all well detailed and high quality!

  • Large box measures - 14" × 11 "x 6" Smallest box measures - 8.5"x 4"x 6.5"

  • True high quality boxes worthy of regular decoration around your home!!

  • Awe anyone with gifts in these magnificent boxes, they are sure to be reused over and over!

  • These elegantly detailed boxes are truly some of the most beautiful high-quality boxes on the market. They can be used for not only exquisite gift giving but home decorations as well! The quality of these boxes means they will be used over and over, getting more than your money's worth. Featuring 2 different themes all equally beautiful and well detailed. Each nesting box contains smaller boxes inside, following the same theme but with its own unique detailed design.

    ALEF Set of 6 Elegant Decorative Themed Nesting Gift Boxes Largest Measures 14"×11"x6" Nesting Boxes Beautifully Themed Perfect for Gifts or Simple Decoration Around The House! - BJZIVQB6E