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  • [Nature] High-quality natural bamboo urns, carefully made from natural bamboo, special urns.

  • [Safety] Excellent airtightness to prevent the ashes from getting damp or leaking.

  • [Suitable size] Size 3.7”W x 7.1”H- can hold up to about 33 cubic inches (a part of adult ashes), 1 cubic inch = 1 pound weight (before cremation).

  • [Meet a variety of needs] 1. Used to Scattering ashes. 2. Used for burial of ashes, degradable and environmentally friendly. 3.Used to retain ashes, which is unique and meaningful.

  • [Service] Shipped by , if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • The biodegradable environmentally friendly ash urn is made of natural sustainable bamboo. It not only provides a temporary resting place for your loved one, but also provides an environmentally friendly option for the ashes of your loved one. Choose to be buried, scattered in any chosen place, land, sea or air, or used as a souvenir.

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