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  • Unique hand-painted: The appearance of the urn is hand-painted, and the exterior of the urn is embossed with gold decoration, high-end atmosphere, delicate patterns, and intricate details. The serene blue and silver details ensure a polished and elegant finish.

  • Meaning auspicious: This longevity altar is decorated with colored gold and artificial gemstones to make it more noble and generous, which implies the prosperity of the descendants and the safety of generations.

  • Material: The urn used to store the ashes is an elegant ceramic container in which the ashes are safely placed. The bottom is polished and smoothed to protect your furniture.

  • Suitable weight: Adults up to 200 pounds-the remains of adults weighing up to 200 pounds can be placed comfortably. The size of the urn, 24×24×26cm/9.4×9.4×10in.

  • Safe closure: Double cover inside and outside, with better sealing and good moisture resistance, it can store and protect your ashes for a long time. Our elegant urn is suitable for any decoration. You can put it in the living room, bedroom, study, fireplace or office, and let your partner be with you forever.

  • Color name: White/Blue
    Product Details
    Material: Ceramic
    Height-26 cm (10 inches)
    Diameter-24 cm (9.4 inches)

    Introducing the most elegant series of urns; carefully hand-made with exquisite materials to commemorate your loved ones.

    We are well aware of the importance of commemorating that special person, so we go through the most stringent production process and provide high-quality urns.

    Our commemorative urn is pleased to provide:

    The large urn can hold 200 pounds of adult ashes.
    The most exquisite materials, handmade with love, durable.
    The perfect seal of human remains to ensure that your loved ones get the respect they deserve.
    The timeless design can stand the test of time in appearance and quality.
    With a cute velvet bag, you can carry and protect your urn with you.

    The urn is also suitable for pet ashes.

    Products include:
    1 × Urn

    HLONGG Urns for Ashes Jingdezhen Ceramic Blue and White Landscape Urn Pot Blue Decorative Cremation Urn for Human Funeral Storage Burial Or Memorial Keepsake for Adults 200Lbs,Blue - BDWC1J1F9