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  • UNIQUE PERSONAL TRIBUTE: Our cremation Urn is embossed with a delicate tree of life design. Its roots and branches representing the impact of your loved ones life on those connected to them.

  • SAFE, SECURE AND PROTECTED: Have peace of mind knowing your loved ones remains will be safe and preserved in this high quality funeral urn with a secure screw on lid and a bag to protect it when not in use.

  • ELEGANT HANDCRAFTED DESIGN: This elegant red urn is handmade and polished to present your departed loved one as a respectful memorial. Appropriate for Columbarium niche, the funeral service and to display in your home. Also available in colours: White and Blue

  • LARGE, ADULT SIZE Cremation URN: 10" tall & 7" wide, specifically designed for holding adult human ashes (up to 200 pounds). It is also suitable for a child, pet or smaller adult.

  • Invermarek’s Red Tree of Life Urn
    This simple and elegant, handcrafted aluminum urn, perfectly reflects the dignity and respect you have for your loved one’s remains.

    At this difficult time we are hopeful that you will feel some small comfort by your choice of urn, which you may wish to display in your home to honor them.

    A velvet bag is also provided to protect your single beautiful white urn when it is not in use.

    Our Tree of Life logo is a significant symbol. Trees are perpetual – they are strong and have dignity.
    Their roots are of equal size to their foliage above the ground.
    These roots hold the tree firm and solid through all conditions – just like a person’s spirit and character through their life.

    When the time has come for the tree to lose it’s leaves, it does not mean the tree has died – it is merely resting until the new growth receives warmth from the sun to regenerate.
    So too does the memory and the essence of the person who has passed.

    Why our urns:
    Handmade and polished to a lustrous sheen
    Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum does not require repolishing
    10 inches tall and 7 inches wide - suitable for either adult or children’s remains – up to 200 pounds

    Significant tree of life design
    Screw on lid keeps ashes safe and secure

    We are confident that our urn will fulfill your expectations, however, should you not be 100% satisfied for any reason we wish to reassure you that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

    From our heart to yours, we thank you for selecting one of our beautiful urns. .

    Invermarek Tree of Life Design in Silver on Red Urn for Human Ashes Adult Size - BF68VISLK