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Nude Art Charcoal Drawing, Female Nude, Large Figure Drawing, Nude Model, Original Artwork, Sitting Nude You can own original artwork at an affordable price. This is an original one-of-a-kind. 18x24 drawing was created with charcoal. Unframed. 80lb paper. Acid-Free. Medium weight paper. Free Shipping. Abstract, Contemporary & Minimalist Tasteful Nude Digital & Original Drawings. Charcoal, Ink, Marker & Pencil. Blending the human body with architecture, movement, nature, patterns, shapes and typography. "The human form is an artist’s playground. The beauty in the curves and the strength in the lines keeps me inspired and excited. Every figure is it’s own natural blueprint that often mimics nature and imitates architecture. When I study the human form, I see unspoken words, an extension of movement, a foundation for contrast and a canvas for patterns and shapes."

Nude Art Charcoal Drawing Female Nude Large Figure Drawing Nude Model Original Artwork Sitting Nude - B5PSUTC45