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  • High quality design and finish to last a lifetime.

  • Adult Sized cremation urn appropriate for holding up to 200 lbs of body weight. Dimensions: 10.25"H x 6.25"D.

  • All urns are BRAND NEW, never used.

  • Note: all custom engraved text is FINAL and will be engraved as submitted.

  • Refunds/exchanges/edits are NOT possible for custom engraved urns.

  • "FOREVER URNS" FUNERAL URN WITH EXCELLENT QUALITY An Urn that is completely handcrafted by Northern India's Skilled Artisans, This is Made By Aluminum Metal which is beautifully finished by "WOLF" Pictured Theme, And Finish is perfectly coated By "SUPER HIGH GLOSS ENAMELED COATING" that makes the Urn so Attractive to Kissable. URN INFO : Material : MAde By High Quality Aluminum Metal. Diamensions : 10.5"Hght. x 6.25"Dia. Capacity : 200 Cubic Inch / For 200 lbs Adult. Threaded Lid : TOP Threaded LID. Botton : Fine Felted Botton By Heavy quality Fabric Velvet. Finish : Purely Handfinished By "WOLF" Pictured Theme And "SUPER HIGH GLOSS ENAMELED COATING" Theme. Perfect Resting Place of your Loved One's Cremated remains, Fully protected for Ashes by Top Threaded Lid, You can keep this Urn onto Table and Desk or any suitable place for Display. "FOREVER URN" We at "Forever Urns" design our passion of "LOVE" toward the Grieving Families through making our Exquisite Urns, Our Each Urn goes through some tough steps of "Quality Controls To Perfection", We have our Own Factory Set-Up in Northern India and Warehouses in some areas in US. PRODUCT CARE INFORMATION : Each Urn requires "No Maintenance" so you need to Expense nothing , Simply clean by a Cotton or Dry Cloth with Soft Hands as needed, All of our Urns come with a Highly Secure Packaging Which Wrap Multiple Layers of Tissue Paper then Put into a PolyBag and then Put into the Cardboard Box having Secured Thermocoal Pack, All of our Urns come along with a Quality Presentation Bag Made By High Quality Fabric of Velvet. USAGE INFORMATION : Each Large Urn is capable to handle the Adult's Cremated Ashes that contains upto 200 Cubic Inch ( A 200 lbs Adult ), Many Families use a Poly Bag that can also be put into the Urn firstly and then Put Remains of Cremation into the Urn then close the threaded Lid. LONG-LASTING SATISFACTION GUARANTEE .

    Personalized Urns for Human Ashes Customized 3 Wolves Adult Cremation Urn Memorial Adult Human Urn with Velvet Bag. Custom Engraved - BY00JDSL2