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  • Products: Weng, crafts urn, five kinds of macarons color, beloved pet can be mounted on the inside of the ashes, the urn, Weng on the bedside, then you can miss the late night pet - an old friend, and it will be accompanied by good memories dream sleep, can also be buried in the garden of your home, it will be like, will be satisfied the urn.

  • Introduction size: 11.1 × 14.5CM (5.11 × 5.90inches); 6cm diameter

  • Usage: It is souvenirs urn, it is suitable your dear family, cat, dog dead after cremation ashes, eternal, unique ceramics - is your beloved animal friends really should get a souvenir, will save you precious memories forever.

  • Beautiful crafts. Ours is uniquely made through an ancient craft called a ceramic kiln. Unique appearance, our product design and handwork are your best choice.

  • Urn, urn, there are five kinds of colors can be selected macaroon, # 1 (strawberry powder), # 2 (matcha green), # 3 (fruit blue), # 4 (tartrazine), # 5 (watermelon red), mix and match, high cold revealed a hint of lovely, when the ornaments can be placed on the cupboard at home, can also be buried in the earth, the ashes of cremated human body moderate and animals; Weng to give as gifts, people likedThey are a perfect match with any decor, provides you with a better way to commemorate the people you love.

    Product parameters:

    Material: Ceramic

    Style: Japanese

    Popular elements: color macarons

    Whether manual: Yes

    Color Classification: # 1 (strawberry powder), # 2 (matcha green), # 3 (fruit blue), # 4 (tartrazine), # 5 (watermelon red)


    11.1 × 14.5CM (5.11 × 5.90inches); 6cm diameter

    √5 kinds of color macarons
    High cold revealed a hint of lovely, like all girls!

    √ shiny glaze
    Fun and full of shiny smooth, shape, glaze and similar sweets

    √ double-can lids
    Double lids, sophisticated technology, good sealing performance,

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